A Message from Dr. Phillips

This past summer was the 25th anniversary of my graduation from medical school. I came back to Montgomery in 2000 and have enjoyed 20 years of delivering babies in the river region. I’ve had the joy and privilege of delivering nearly 7000 babies. I’ve laughed and cried with families and have prayed for children who I believe will change the world.

My friend John Geiger recently passed away after a 2 ½ year battle with ALS. John was a great inspiration to me and countless others. He was intentional to serve Jesus in everything he said and did. He finished his race running full speed. I had the privilege of going to Europe with him as a chaperone on my daughter’s senior class trip. Part of that trip was a visit to the shores of Normandy where the D-Day invasion occurred. While standing on Omaha beach where so many lives were sacrificed for our freedom, John reached down and picked up a rock. He handed me the rock and he said to me, “This beach was taken by 18 to 22-year-old boys in the greatest battle in the history of the free world. What beach will you take?” I’ve contemplated that question many times. I’ve asked the Lord, “In the remaining years I have left, what beach should I take?”

The past four years have been amazing for me as I’ve seen God raise up a ministry to women in crisis. That ministry is called Life On Wheels. We park across the street from the abortion clinic here in Montgomery and offer free ultrasound to women in crisis. If a woman considering an abortion sees her own baby on ultrasound, 89% will decide to parent. We’ve seen 2,982 women, performed 2,435 free ultrasounds and 2,389 women decided to parent! Of those who decided to parent, 229 of them had determined to abort but changed their mind after their ultrasound. Over 700 volunteers and donors have made this possible. I currently serve as board president and medical director as an unpaid volunteer. We have expanded to Birmingham with a second Mobile unit and will be parked near the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood which will be opening in March. We will offer compassion, mercy and free ultrasound to women in crisis six days a week. Our mission is to “Serve Women, Save Babies and Share Jesus.”

My wife and I have prayed and we believe it’s time for me to step away from Obstetrics and focus on a full-time GYN practice. This would open up more time for me to focus on the pro-life opportunities God is giving me. My plan is to work a 40 hour week taking care of the gynecologic needs of my patients. I will remain a partner at OBGYN Associates of Montgomery and I will focus on robotic surgery, pelvic floor reconstruction, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, infertility and management of menopause. I will continue to deliver babies through the end of the year. I would like to speak for the life of the unborn and advocate for women who are being exploited by the abortion industry. In order to do this more effectively I need time. While I still have energy and health I want to focus my attention on this “beach” that God has given me to take.

Because it is impossible to contact every patient who has trusted me with the responsibility of delivering their children, I write this letter in hopes it will reach many to thank you for this great privilege. To those still having children, I want to say it is you who make this decision most difficult for me. I wish I could finish with every patient. Finally, to those of you who have had to wait for hours for your pap smear while I was delivering a baby, I will finally be on time!