OB-GYN Associates of Montgomery has been providing care for patients and families since for over 25 years. We initiated our office based screening Mammography practice in 2012 as an extension of our care for patients. We are now up to date with the new 3D Mammography or Breast Tomosynthesis. Our new 3D Mammo unit acquires images that will be more clear and detailed, especially in mammograms performed on women who have dense breast tissue. In addition, a 3D mammogram not only makes it easier to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage, it also helps in determining size, to be more precisely and accurately determined.

Our mammography facility is accredited by the American College of Radiology and certified by the FDA. The mammography unit is located at our 7045 Sydney Curve building, next door to our main office on Taylor Road. We combine our state of the art digital technology with a caring and compassionate approach to all our patients. Our Mammography program provides convenient, day of scheduling, for improved compliance with recommended screening mammograms. Our Mammograms are read by qualified Radiologists at Baptist Medical Center. OB-GYN Associates is dedicated to women’s health through exceptional service and being able to offer screening mammograms for its patients on the same day as their yearly exam. The surest way to treat breast cancer is to catch it in its early stages – the earlier, the better!